First Assistant Presiding Bishop

Bishop  Knox

His Grace, Bishop Byron Knox Sr. was born in Gary, Indiana to Oddis & Edith Knox 47 years ago, He have two sisters and one older brother, a host of nieces and nephews, Bishop Byron Knox Sr. has been married to Lady Marnita Knox for 17 years. They have 2 beautiful children together: Keondrae Lloyd and Torrey Knox. He also has two other children Byron Knox Jr. and Detavius Knox. One day prayerfully wanting to be a proud grandparent.
Bishop Byron Knox Sr. is a chosen Man of God. He loves the Lord and the people of God. Bishop Knox was a member of Fortified City Revival Conference Center in Union Springs, Alabama, under the leadership of Apostle William Paul Brinkley, when he received his called for the ministry in 1993. After moving to Lafayette, LA in 2001, He later became a founding member of Fruitful Life Christian Church located in New Iberia, LA, under the leadership of Pastor Brian Little, later on he became the Minister of Protocol at Fruitful Life F.G.B.C. and was director of the Council of Ministers. He was officially licensed to preach the Gospel in 1998 and then again under new leadership in 2001 and later on under the Leadership of Bishop Louis Dugar of Greater Love Family Worship Center was ordained an Elder of the Gospel in 2008 where he ministered to God’s people in Crowley, LA for 4 years. The Lord allowed him to reconnect with Pastor Brian Little for a short time before God called him to go out and evangelize. After evangelizing for a short period of time he connected with Prophet Demetrius Sinegal where he is was a member of The Prophet’s House Miracle Kingdom of Lafayette under the leadership of Overseer Demetrius Sinegal. The Lord had a purpose and a plan for Bishop Byron Knox and that is being manifested in his life today. In November of 2010, Bishop Knox received confirmation from the Lord through Dr. Sinegal that he was to be elevated to Senior Pastor and shortly after that after much consideration was appointed The State Director of Men for Louisiana for The United Nations International Church Fellowship. A true shepherd that God had called him to be it allowed him to develop and train other Elders, Ministers, and Evangelist under his leadership. His ministry is based on 5-fold principals and Apostolic Beliefs in the Word of God. Bishop Knox has been teaching and preaching to God’s people for over 19 years. Bishop Knox presently attends Bible University where he is seeking his Doctorate Degree in Biblical Studies and God has shown him favor, He also specializes in business management and Christian Pastoral and Marriages Counseling, he is an active member of the American Association of Christian Counseling, he is recognized by the Executive Board of the A.A.C.C. for “Caring for People God’s Way”, he is also an active member of the B.A.A.C.C. where he is a Christian Counselor in good standing with the Black African-American Christian Counselors where he is “Standing in the Gap, Fostering unity, Leading African-Americans to Christ”. He completed the training for Building Strong Disciples in 2009 under the leadership of Prophetess Jane McCoy. He also is an Instructor for the Local Church Laymen’s Bible Institute Ministry “A through the Bible Course for Every Church & Every Christian”. He is currently continuing his education at Light University for Life Coaching to become Board Certified. So as he continued to labor in the Gospel in 2011 he met Bishop Robert Durgan of All About Christ Network and Bishop seen qualities as well as good Leadership skills in Bishop Knox and because of the call upon his life consecrated him to the 27th Ecclesiastical Jurisdictional Bishop of the AACN in November of 2011, but God was not through with him yet as He continued to do the will of the Lord across the country, He joined with Bishop Terence Taylor Sr. where they have spearheaded a mandate from God and rebirthed a Fellowship that will go out to teach the nations that God is returning soon, he is presently the 1st Assistant Presider to the International Presiding Bishop of Redeemed Pentecostal Fellowship of Deliverance Churches and one of the Chief Executive Officers of the Governing Board and operates as The Bishop of Protocol for the Fellowship, Bishop Knox also is the 2nd Presiding Bishop for the Fellowship, His most recent accomplishment was that he recently was nominated and received an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from ABU College and Seminary, Bishop Knox was so honored to received such a honor and even though Bishop Knox operates in many areas of ministry he yet remains humble and operate with a spirit of excellence and through him many ministries will be birthed out of him and many more manifested because Bishop Knox allows the Lord to lead and guide him at all times.

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