The Presiding Bishop

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To know him and to capture the essence of his spiritual attainments, require a genuine knowledge and understanding of the motivation that has propelled him to the pinnacle of “GODLY FAITH”.
Bishop Taylor is a consecrated and dedicated man that truly loves God and His people. He strongly believes in and practices the scriptures. As you take a further look into the life of the great Man of God and Organizer, you will see that he clearly demonstrates a tremendous amount of “Faith”. Bishop Terence Lee Taylor Sr., was born to the parentage of Mr. James Lewis Taylor Sr., and the late Mrs. Helen Bass Taylor. For the past (42) years, he has been married to the finest woman in Christendom today, Evangelist Janet Laverne Lewis Taylor. To this union (5) children were born. Evangelist Taylor’s dedication to Bishop Taylor and her unselfish sacrifices and unparalleled love she exemplifies, certainly demonstrates the character of this God-fearing Woman of God.

Bishop Terence Lee Taylor Sr., is a 1969 graduate of Manassas High School in Memphis, Tennessee where he received numerous scholarships in Music. Bishop Taylor is a spiritual product of Greater Community Temple COGIC in Memphis, Tennessee under the leadership of the late Bishop W. L. Porter. He served in many capacities in ministry before being call of God to preach the Gospel.

In October 1984, he acknowledged his call to the ministry and was publicly licensed on February 1, 1987. He attended Mid South Bible College in Memphis, Tennessee, which later became Creighton College. He is a graduate of the W. L. Porter Institute (accredited by the Evangelical Training Association).
On April 7, 1991, Bishop Taylor was appointed to his first pastorate in Brownsville, Tennessee where he served faithfully for 2-1/2 years. As a servant he served as an Associate Minister, and Presiding Elder.
On October 1, 1995, Bishop Taylor organized the Abundant Life COGIC.

In January 1997 the Name Abundant Life COGIC was changed to Abundant Life Deliverance Ministries.
In April of 2000 the Lord through BibleProof Overcoming Church Ministries of Cleveland, Ohio, saw the need to consecrate a Bishop for the State of Tennessee and was led by the Holy Ghost to elect Bishop Terence Lee Taylor Sr. Bishop Taylor served faithfully until 2004.
In February 2005, Bishop Terence Lee Taylor Sr., organized and presently serves as Presiding Prelate of the ‘REDEEMED PENTECOSTAL FELLOWSHIP OF DELIVERANCE CHURCHES INTERNATIONAL which encompasses (5) ministries in the United States and (11) ministries in Uganda, Africa.

In March 2014, this MAN OF GOD became a member of the Joint College of Bishops in Cleveland, Ohio under the leadership of Metropolitan Archbishop J. Delano Ellis. Bishop Terence Lee Taylor Sr., holds a Doctorate of Divinity and Doctorate of Philosophy in Biblical Leadership. This profound MAN OF GOD is recognized as a prestigious and prominent individual in the religious community. His ministry and labor has opened many doors for him.




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